Cannot write to Verbatim DVD+RW DVD's using Nero 7. on LG GSA-H55N

When I try to burn either an ISO or NRG video image from my hard drive to the LG GSA-H55N dvd drive I get an error message which says I cannot write to a +RW disc.
I can write data files from my hard drive to it and then erase them, then write any other data files without a problem.
However, when I try to write ISO or NRG files using the Nero “Burn Image to Disc” I get an error message which reads:

Sorry, your compilation cannot be written to this kind of disc. Please insert a disc
of the correct type or modify the settings of your compilation to make it
compatible withe the current disc.

Disc required for the compilation: DVD-R/RW
Disc type in the recorder: DVD+RW

The ISO and NRG files where created from a DVD -R disc which was recorded on my Samsung R150 DVD recorder.
Is it possible because it was recorded on a DVD -R disc and then copied from that disc to my hard drive that the ISO image is only compatible with the same type of disc it originally came from?

My system:
Asus A7N8X-Deluxe with AMD 2700 Barton, 1.5GB ram, MSI Nvidia 880 graphics, 160GB IDE, 200GB SATA
Windows XP Home
LG GSA-H55N with V1.05 firmware

FULL format the +RW first, it surely has a WRONG booktype.

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve tried an erase of the +RW disc followed by a reattempt of writing the video ISO image using Nero7, still fails.

I’ve looked around in Windows, (under My Computer) and Nero for a tab, pulldown, or popup which says “Format” for the dvd but have not found where it lives. Where might I find it?

Having said that, if I didn’t do a format, would I have been able to write data files to the disc like I can do? I would have thought neither an video ISO image or any data files would not have been able to be written if the disc was unformatted.

You may have guessed I’m new to the DVD +RW environment and have much to learn.

Thanks Again

Hi and Welcome!

you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed? These have an option like “hide rewriteable media” or something like this. That option must be changed.


Hi Mciahel

Thanks for the welcome, this looks like a great place to learn and share.

I do not have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed.


Is InCD installed?

I don’t know… I’m at work right now and will check later tonight.
If it is installed as part of my Nero 7.10 installation would if be the reason for this problem?

I found I can write data files or movies (TS_VIDEO/VOB files) to the +RW discs using Nero7.

I should say to create a copy of a video disc (which I own), I used DVDFab HD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, and Nero7.

But I still can’t write an ISO image created from a DVD-R disc to a DVD+RW disc.

But I still can’t write an ISO image created from a DVD-R disc to a DVD+RW disc.[/quote]if I remember correctly, DVD-R offers some more space than the +R variety. So your image might be simply too large for a +RW.