Cannot write more than 3,2 gb data to the disk

Please give me the utils to check and format this 16GB memory stick.
Windows chkdsk shows it as OK, but when I try to copy files onto it, it gives an error "delayed write " and after copying about 3.2 GB data, another error comes up saying the disk is “write protected”
After that chkdsk also says it is write protected and cannot be checked.
After ejecting it with the windows utility and changing the USB slot the partial files copied are able to be deleted and the chkdsk utility run and full capacity is shown.
The files that are tried to be copied are in separate folders.

How big is the biggest file? Could be the FAT file system limit.

the 3.2 file size limitation is very odd, fat 32 has a ~4gb limit and fat16 has 2gb limit.
1 make sure there isnt a lock on the device, if so, unlock it
2 back up data, and format the device as either fat32 or ntfs
3 try a different pc, if it works then, return to the original and see this: