Cannot write medium incompatible format



Im a newbie but im having problems copying DVDs and after reading up around here I think that this is the reason. My DVD burner. It is a lite on 1633s. I had a problem with my door not opening and had a factory new one installed a few weeks ago because the door wouldnt open now that is fixed and this is about when all of my problems started to happen.

I was going to get the dvdfabplatinum but when i go to burn it always says cannot write medium, incompatible format or something like that. I just ran the nero speed check and this is what that said so I think I found the problem. Any ideas on how to fix this? I should let you know my warranty just ran out two days so im expecting that is a major part of the problem as these things have little clocks in them to let the computer know when it should break down. Thanks for your help todd.