Cannot watch or burn



Hi i have a Dell dimension 5150 computer.

I have tried to play a dvd ,and burn a dvd using my computer but nothing happens ,i have also tried to use a external burner,and i also have the same problem.I have tried a number of different disks ,and have the same problem using all.I also have the same problems with CD.
This problem only started to happen a couple of months ago when dell helped me to take my computer back to factory settings

Hope some one can help me kind regards.


what kind of burning software are you using


Wow that was quick

I have a dell burner,and a LG freecom


You need a DVD burning software in order to burn dvd and a CD burning software for CD’s also to play a DVD you need a player such as PowerDVD or VLC Media player which is free


I used windows media player when i put a movie in that wont even load,and i cannot see auto play any more.


what kind of movie and windows media player isn’t the best either