Cannot use search



You cannot use the search feature on any page, it is blocked by an ad.


I have the same problem…i can barely see the Advanced…box…and i always have to click on that to do a search…


Think this is not related to mainpage, so moved it to Forum Talk.


i also got it aswell


i dont have an ad on mine…



Search function not working - again (05/31/2006)



I’ve started experiencing the issue with ads covering the search box here also (as shown in the snapshot below).

As the advertisement to the left of this is usually text based and this right one is often an animated banner, I think it would be worth swapping the two ads around, since the animated banner ad seems to be the culprit for covering the search field, like on the news mainpage. On the other hand, it is still possible to click the ‘Advanced Search’ link, which is partially visible below the banner:


I have the exact same problem. Flash media blocking the "Search Box"
Fix this soon :bow:


Unfortunately the sourcecode of these ads has to be changed, but this code is delivered by adservers and we cannot change it.


No problem here – thanks to Firefox’s [I]Adblock[/I] extension. Of course there’s other pop-up blockers that’ll also do the job just fine… :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t care about displayed ads, hence no adblock. But I really dislike Flash animations, so I’m using flashblock.


wrong topic :frowning:


Speaking of search, I noticed guests aren’t even allowed to use it. That’s a good way to annoy people who just came by from Google, and to get a lot of “y cant i use search” posts, but I can’t see a good reason for it…


any way to use z-depth with style sheets to make sure menus are on top?

//sucks at html/css



Ad still blocking the “Search” box-

Please move it-eh!


I cant use the search either, but not because of an ad, but because I get an download query for “search.php”.


Same problem…no search (but only on the main forum page)