Cannot update firmware

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On LH-16W1P. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I cannot get this drive to burn anymore using nero 7. Last time i used it to burn dvds was before i reinstalled windows a while ago. I need to reformat again and now i cannot burn the disks that i have burned on before. (from same stack, fresh discs ) I cannot upgrade the firmware, it is at SL02, because it says for the SL08.exe

No Matched drives detected !
This utility is only for LITE-ON DVDRW LH-16W1P

Detected Drives:

i searched and searched and found a post to use the flash utility.
I get :

No CDRW/DVD Drives were found!

Any help?

Go to Device Manager and delete the IDE channel that the drive is on. Reboot the computer and let the OS rebuild it. If you have any non-native MS IDE driver (e.g., ATI, NVIDIA, etc.), remove that as well.

well, that worked to update the drive back to where it is supposed to be. Disc “said” it burned correctly, only prob now is that i attempt to manually verify the contents and it doesnt read the disc. could be a faulty dvd blank i used. will try again a few times to see what happens…

Original problem fixed though. thanks for the help

new dilemma. After i uninstalled and restarted, it did its thing and i updated to where it is supposed to be so i can use my same media. It burns fine now as far as i can tell… it doesnt read the discs though. i put it in my other dvd drive and it sees all the info there, but when i put the burned disc in the dvd writer drive, it wont read it. The dvd writer drive read other normal dvds just fine. wonder why it reads normal discs fine, but now it wont read the disc it just burned.

any help would be greatly appreciated