Cannot update DVR 108 to 1.19 Firmware

can anybody help me ? I am using the correct newest firmware

DVRFlash v2

OK however , there is only one file in the new patch R8100108.119 , I read the instructions in DVR Flash and it refers to the “kernel firmware and the normal firmware” and it says you need to change those names according to the firmwares you downloaded.

DVRFlash -vf I: R5100004.133 R5100104.133 is the example it gives. So I don’t know what I should be putting here. R8100108.119 is the firmware name. Is this the kernel firmware or the normal firmware ?

Did you change the firmware before to a hacked 1.18 of some sorts? If so, you need to revert back to the original pioneer kernel and firmware to successfully use their updater. Otherwise, you can use DVRFlash to force 1.19 on the drive, I believe the kernel is optional, therefore you can just force the firmware, but don’t quote me on that.