Cannot start windows xp

When i go to start windows xp pro i go through the memory test screen untill i get to “starting Windows” the bars start to go across indicating windows is loading then it shuts down and i get the “power saving mode” on the screen.It will then restart and then go staright to the screen that gives me the option of sarting windows normally.It will do this cycle about 5 o 6 times before windows finally starts.I have just done a full ghost image of a perfecrly good windows setup that has been working for me for the last year,i did this yesterday because of this problem and it is still there so i am putting it down to hard ware.Would a faulty hard drive cause this type of problem?


I don’t think that’s a hardware related thing, but you should always check the EVENT VIEWER logs!!

Boot into failsafe mode (F5) and go on with troubleshooting from there. :wink:

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Thanks for that i’ll reboot and check the event viewer as i have just cleared it.
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Yeah man, can happen to anyone.

Let us know about the progress… :wink:

did you make hardware changes after that ghost image was created? if so that might be the reason it didnt work well,after you restored the image did you installed any service pack/drivers/software? if you did were they offical or beta? ,if you did installed drivers/software after you restored the image then i suggest youll re-restore the image and dont install anything new and see if works fine the way it is because some service pack/software/driver you installed might have caused the problem

is the cpu overclocked? if so it might be unstable undo it and see if it helps,if there were hardware changes after the image was created than format and reinstall fresh,but if there were no hardware changes after the image was created and cpu isnt overclocked and if using the image the way it is without installing anything new doesnt fix the problem then it might be a hardware problem,check the folowing things

a) motherboard capcitors see if there are any leaking/swalloen ones,some examples

b) cpu temperature & psu voltages , if windows loads fine via safe mode or regular after that cycle then use speedfan to check em do a screenshot and upload it to and give a link however if windows cant seem to load normally then you can see em in the bios report em back here ,however i cant really comment on the temperature without knowing what cpu you have so what cpu do you have? (and i dont mean amd or intel i mean the exact model for example “athlon64 3200 venice core”

c) ram,use memtest for that (burn with nero as image and of course configure bios to boot from cd)
in this post you can see the various reasons for ram errors :
when running memtest look under the “errors” tab also supposaly faulty
ram address will be displayed in a red background

d) hard drive,every hard drive manufacturer have its diagnostic software which you can find on its site

i haven’t made any hardware changes to the system at all.No over clocking the system has not changed.I always use the same ghost image with the same hard ware yet i have never had this type of the moment i am running the memory test on my machine.The cpu is a Amd 2000 running at 1664mhz,i think its called the barton chip.If i had a blown or bulbed out capictor would the computer start at all?Like i said it goes through a cycle of start up shut down for about 5 or 6 times then starts up normally and from then on there is no problem with the performance of it.Next thing is to get the hard drive tool from the site i have a maxtor 200gig (not sure of the model,but i’m sure all the diagnostic tools would be the same)


I did a memory check and after about 4 hours of it testing nothing was found to be wrong.Here is a image of speedfan results


I’m thinking it could possibly be a problem with the registry.

i never heard of a barton axp2000 its more likely a thoroughbred or palomino,anyway you should check the “automatic fan speed” for somewhat better cooling, the results aint looking good the +5v voltage is too low,i cant be sure that 67 is the cpu temperature because speedfan aint displaying it as cpu with your sensor but its very likely that it is you can check it with burnintest pro when in click the 5th button count from leftside and check only the 2 cpu related tests and set em to 100% click ok and then click the green button to start and monitor temperature with speedfan,in your motherboard cd there should be a software that is intended to check voltages/temperature use it to be sure speedfan results are correct sometimes the motherboard manufacturer software is more accurate and if it will confirm the speedfan results then get a new psu & cpu cooling,67 isnt critical 85-90 is critical but still 67 is very high and yes motherboards can still work when having bad capacitors but of course not in a perfect way

its gone way over my head now.I tought that i might have a reg problem so i decided to do a complete new reinstall of windows.I put the cd in to boot i get the message “press any key to …” and then it just restart again next time i get a little further to windows loading the setup files then it goes again.I have tried to reinstall of the cd at east 8 times at each time at different stages it will just shut down and restart.I can hear a slight clicking noise comming from the hard drive (it i maxtor 200gig about 6 months old) could that have something to do with it? or possibly a power supply problem.I’m starting to get a little esperate with this now.


click, click, click… the bomb is ticking.
Best would be to SAVE all necessary/important stuff from the hdd to another one and RMA it.

sometimes i dont know why i bother as i mentioned in previous reply,your psu +5v voltage is way too low & you should think about getting better cpu cooling,as for the hdd many hdds will make a click when being turned on/off thats normal and on a hard restart they can get off & on ,only if the clicks are non-stop you should be worried

Try doing a system restore to a time before the problems started, and see if that has any effect. There are way too many variables that could cause problems like this (spyware, trojan horse, software conflict, hardware conflict, registry problem, corrupt dll). The possibilities are enormous. Try the simple fixes first, and then work from there to the harder ones.

That’s true, sorry for not mentioning this. :o
Thanks phil_.

you welcome :slight_smile:

i realise what you say about the cpu cooling the reason i did not mention anything about changing that was that about 2 months ago i took the cooler off and the fan and cleaes it all.Then i put some new heat sink compund and replaced the cooler and fan. The cooler is copper (i think and about 2" square)and also the fan is a larger one than what came with the cpu.What type of voltage am i looking for on the cpu.The clicking of the hard drive is now constant and will not start at all.Just click click click and then it shuts itself down.It does that constantly.


i now have a definite diagnosis of the problem.The clicking noise was coming fro the pc speaker which was right by the hard drive,that is why i thought it was that hard drive.I removed all connections to my cd roms my 2 hard drives and everthing else and then turned on the computer connecting on thig at a time untill the clicks came back.I have now worked it out that t is my backup drive which is a seagate st380011a.i have now connected that as my master drive with no othres conncted an i am trying to run the seatools diagnostics.If i go to a quick test it will shut down the same with a full test it will go and do a system memory teat but will come back with errors on he file structure test but with no log of the problem.Is there anyway i can get my data back of this drive as it is very important to me.

Could be that the Seagate has a overheating problem there, in this case it will also clicking like you described. Cool it with a fan.

got it sorted now,believe it or not it was a faulty power supply.It was not putting out enough power to keep the drives going.

Thanks for all you suggestions and help.