Cannot start DVDFab Platinum

I bought the DVDFab Platinum recently and I entered the license code. I use Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit and I disabled all firewalls etc. I also disabled UAC of Windows Vista. When I click on the DVDFab button in start menu or under Program Files>DVDFab, the program does not launch and I do not see any error message. I uninstalled the program and installed the program again and it does not help, the problem still exists. May I ask how I can resolve the issue?


Hi cbr600usa
DVDFab is designed to run on Vista so you should not have to do all that to install or run the program, look below in my signature and use the guide to do a "Clean uninstall.

Then download another install package the one you have now may have problems with it, also when you re-install the program make sure you are logged on as administator and on the DEP settings you have selected “Turn on DEP for all programs and services ecept those I select”

Hi StormJumper, thanks for your help. For the DEP setting, I selected “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select” and there’re two check boxes with the checkmarks besides two DVDFab below it. May I confirm if the checkmarks should be there? I did a clean uninstall and I don;t understand why there’re 2 DVDfab with the checkboxes there.