Cannot Select Audio/Subtitles on players

Dear all,

Maybe I’m a bit stupid, but recording a DVD using DVD2OneX is no problem at all, I select all the subtitles i want including several audio languages. Though when I insert the recorded dvd (using toast 6) iit is impossible to select the different subtitles and languages. I use the Subtitile button on my remote controll, but nothing happens at all, The same for audio selection. Can anyone help me what i am doing wrong.?? I also tried to select the deafult langage on My DVD player (Pioneer DVD-700) but this also doensn’t help.
It works fine when using Apple DVD player!!! So the data is included on DVD… huh???

The movie: ICE AGE.

Thanx in advance…

Was my problem in Toast 6. I didn’t select DVD in UDF Format… hmmm … No it seems to be working fine…