Cannot see DVD-RW files with any software


I am new to DVD burning and am not sure how to view files on a DVD-RW disk using DVD rip software. Also, I am not able to playback the content of a DVD-RW or DVD-R on my PC, regardless of viewing software.

I have recorded content on a PIONEER DVR-310 on to a CD-RW not CD+RW. I also have content on CD-R not CD+R.

Machine 1
PC: IBM Thinkpad T42
DRIVER VERSION: 5.1.2535.0 (7/1/2001)

Machine 2
PC: Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600
DVD: SD-2402
DRIVER VERSION: 5.1.2535.0 (7/1/2001)

I have been unable to find any firmware upgrade for this driver and instructions on how to update firmware.

Is there any software that will allow me to view the data on the CD-RW and CD-R disks? I am trying to backup the content onto HD and eventually burn it onto a CD+R disk. Is this possible?

I cannot find a more suitable thread in these forums and hopefully someone will be able to provide some help.

Thank you.

Exactly what kind of files are on the disk? Can windows explorer see the files?

I have recorded content on a PIONEER DVR-310 on to a CD-RW not CD+RW. I also have content on CD-R not CD+R.

It’s only with DVD media that you’ll see the +R & +RW, for CD it’s only cd-r & cd-rw. Just for info.

  • TimC: Sorry, I made an error in stating media. All references to CD-RW and CD+RW should be referring to DVD- and +

  • harley2ride: the content on my DVD-RW and DVD-R are movies recorded from television. Have a couple of 1912 and 1915 movies (early Boris Karloff stuff) recorded. I can view these on my DVD player only. I cannot view using any PC DVD SW, let alone see the files in explorer.

I have only been able to view DVD-RW files on explorer with one disk and that was a few weeks back. This is where I have become stumped.

Can you play pressed(commercial) movies on your PC? If not, it is the software that is likely the cause of your problem.

I see that this Pioneer recorder can record in video mode (presumably that means standard DVD movie) & VR mode.
If you’ve selected this latter method you might have problems processing the DVDs on a PC. That I’m afraid is the extend of my knowledge regarding VR recording.

Rob might might know more on this.

Rob and Tim, I think I have found the solution.

Rob - yes, both my PCs can play commercial DVDs and as of today, content from DVD-RW that I have recorded.

Tim - It was the comment you made about recording modes on Pioneer VR and Video mode. I had another look through my manual and it does not list anything on this content, however I was able to download a manual from their website. This indeed does cover information on VR and Video recording modes and most appropriate one to use.

In this case the Video mode is recommended if one wants to view the files on most DVD players and PCs. At the time the disk is inserted, the “Initialise” option under the setup menu must be used. This will provide the option to initialise as VR or Video.

At the end of recording the required content, again from the setup menu: one must choose the “Finalise” option to close out the recording on the disk. Once finalise is chosen, no more content can be written to the disk. Once this step is performed, content can now be viewed on both my PCs. I am yet to test on a DVD+ machine.

Also, as you would expect and most likely are aware of: once the Initialise option is used, it will erase any prior content on the disk, therefore there is no option to change VR recorded content to Video.

A lesson well learnt now.

Rob and Tim, thank you so much for your quick help and suggestions. I really appreciate it.


Your welcome.
We’ve all learnt something from this & next time someone asks a similar question our response will be “Did you finalise it?”. I should have guessed this might be the answer cos my neighbour had exactly the same problem a few weeks back.