Cannot scan pi/pif with LH20A1P

Oddly when I moved my LH20A1P to my new system using an Asus P5K-SE, I can no longer preform a pi/pif scan because it says it is unsupported… Whaaa?

The LH20A1P is on a Marvell IDE controller on the motherboard. My LH20A1S works perfectly on SATA and lets me scan… I really rather scan with my LH20A1P for some variety.

Anyone know how to solve this?

Thanks alot.

I also tried KProbe and it doesn’t work either… I also flashed Codeguys’ Firmware and it STILL doesn’t work…

What the heck?
Can anyone help please?

I don’t think Marvell controllers like optical drives. Do you have the drivers from Marvell installed, or generic Windows drivers?

Same problem! Liteon 165P6S EIDE don’t scan anymore with my new P5Q Deluxe motherboard…! X-(
Marvell or generic driver is the same…