Cannot run Krobe for my LiteOn 1633s

I installed the lastest version of Kprobe and when i try to run it the screen goes black and the pc reboots. I have no idea why it does this. It even does it after i have reformatted.

Does anyone have any idea’s as to why this happens.


system specs

1GB DDR 3200
MSI k7N2 Ultra 400
Using nforce drivers 4.27
9600XT (CATS 4.12)

@ A Pale Rider

Using nforce drivers 4.27
try rolling these back to the default Microsoft drivers.

I have the same problem… how would you roll back the custom drivers for only the IDE controler installed by nforce without losing all of the other drivers it has?

i have the same problem with my liteon 166s and an nf2 mobo

I had to go into the device manager, find the IDE ATA controler, and changed it’s driver. I went to update driver, then chose to specify my own, then the normal M$ one was in the list (here it was the only driver that doens’t mention nForce).

cheers for the reply. i’ll try that soon