Cannot rip movies burned by DVDFab

Hi everyone, I am using DVDFab Platinum version

The PROBLEM I am having is that I made full copies of DVDs to DVD-Rs, Now I have a new external hard drive so I want to rip the movies I burned with DVDFAb back into my computer to transfer them to the external drive. The only thing is that when I try to Rip the DVDs that I burned with DVDFab I get a error message stating "Error while reading! Please choose what to do? It gives me the option to Retry, Abort, Ignore and Ignore All (all of which I’ve tried and none work!!!) Does DVDFab do something to the movies in the burning process? What do you guys recommend. I never had this problem with DVD Shrink so I am going to be using that in the future. Well thanks for you time. N E suggestions very WELCOME.

Refer to Post #5 in the following thread.

No reason DVDFab should not read them, but there is really no reason to run them back through, as BB suggests in the other thread. But if they have read errors (burned too fast, maybe?) they will not copy well with anything. Try disabling PathPlayer in DVDFab Common Settings to see if it will read them then.