Cannot rip CRANK with DVD Decrypter



Hi, I am new to this forum, came lookin at it when my NEC drive stopped reading CDs, anyway, that aside, I occasionally run across a movie I cannot rip. Being Said, I rented Crank, and for the life of me cannot rip it. I use anydvd, DVD Decrypter normally. I could not rip this movie so I got the latest version of DVD fab decrypter, was able to rip it but the files were completely screwed and looked like a filmstrip being played after dipped in the mud,. Whats the best ripping software out there? I have already upgraded my firmware, I just cannot get crank to rip.


You’re using an old version of Anydvd. works fine with Crank:

  1. The best way to rip using Anydvd is to use Clonedvd2. If you can’t or are not willing to do that, this is how you rip using Anydvd:

  2. With the latest version of Anydvd running, drag and drop the video_ts folder to your desktop using Windows Explorer. Alternatively, you don’t need to rip at all and can just directly import the disc into whatever burning application you want, provided Anydvd is running in the background. You don’t necessarily need to rip first at all. Not having to rip first at all is one major advantage of using Anydvd.

  3. If you can’t get what you want using #1 and #2 first, then you right click on the fox icon on your toolbar and select rip video-dvd to hard disk–but only if methods 1 and 2 fail first. This method uses an old version of FixVTS, which is often not required.


Oops, I missed this. Forum members are not allowed to help you with rentals. Sorry.

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