Cannot reset password ADSL modem


I receive this modem (BiPAC 5200S) from my ISP, but I would like to flash it with the one on Billion website. The problem is there is a password in the firmware (I believe it’s a custom made firmware for this ISP) I’ve reset it but the password is still there (I assure you that I have successfully reset it) . I also call them up and ask for it but no one know what is it. Is there anyway I can flash the firmware?


ever thought of checking the manual? its not a custom made firmware its just a default factory set user/password , which is admin/admin for this modem

I agree please read your manual that comes with the disk as now days they put the manuals as a pdf on the cd media. Also make sure you are flashing with the proper firmware as to not void a warranty on the dsl modem itself or maybe not will depend on your ISP provider.