Cannot remove/convert Region Code


My parents were on a trip and brought back cartoon DVDs in Italian for my kid, but these DVDs are set to region code 2 (Wester Europe).

I’ve tried to convert these DVDs using Fab DVD so I can have region 1 versions of them but nothing seems to work.

I did go in the options and under “protection” changed to region code to 2 and restarted the application (Fab DVD requested this), but after burning the DVD, it will not play in my region 1 DVD player (tried at a friend’s house also and it did not work).

The odd part is that if I stick it in my laptop DVD player (also region 1) the disk will play.

Can anybody help with this issue?

Hi Olografix and welcome to cdfreaks,

I suspect this is a NTSC/PAL issue.
Please see here.
Converting NTSC <—> PAL is a PITA.
Many opt for a player capable of both.

Your pc is able to play both NTCS and PAL formats on the basis of the software player such as powerdvd, VLC, etc.

Sorry for the quick reply…gotta run.