Cannot record MP3 to Audio

For some unknown reason, I cannot record mp3 to audio.
Never had problem before. Im on XP pro, using nero 6, and also Stomp Recordnowmax ( it’s the same with both.) I can record data and mp3 files.
When recording, both progs show the correct amount of disc usage (y’now, the green bar at the bottom), say’s it’s recorded ok, but when I look at the recorded disk, it only shows the media player icon, with a file size of 44bytes.

That is often .CDA format…which is CD Audio.
Have you tried playing that CD in an audio CD player?

That is totaly normal for CDA files to displayed as 44bytes - have you tried playing this disc on a CD player or through your PC?

Yes, they do play on my PC,but, of course, not on anything else.
I also tried burning with XP’s media player. It goes through the converting and burning process, but only end up with the 44byte file.

post what settings you are using in the programs - maybe there is something goofy in one of them. a listing of the files being copied and what explorer shows may help too.

Sorry guys, the problem was crap CD’s! Doh.

That would have been my reply if you hadn’t beaten me to it :wink: