Cannot recognize discs recorded on Win7 64-bit

Hi guys,

I’m using the LG DR389 DVD recorder for a year now and didn’t have the slightest problem: I was burning my Data DVD’s with Nero on Vista 32-bit and was watching them on the player flawlessly. Three days ago I upgraded to Win7 64-bit (I believed it was about time to use a 64-bit OS :frowning: ) and also upgrade to Nero9. Today I burnt the first Data DVD with this combination of sw and the player just refuses to recognize the disc (although the disc is recognized in Windows Explorer). The problem is not only in Nero: I tried CDBurnerXP as well and have the exact same behavior. The LG is recognizing anything else (it’s not a problem of the player or the disc). I guess it has something to do with 7’s file system or something???

Please help :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum. :flower:

Obviously, something changed with the upgrade, but it’s hard to say what that is.

Have you installed the Nero 9 Update:

What brand of media are you using? What speed are you burning at?

What is the specific model of LG burner that you have?