Cannot Recode an .avi movie into my iPod from NeroDigital!

I have Nero 7 Premium. I connect my iPod to PC through iTunes and choose “Manually manage movies and songs” + “Enable Disc use”. I CAN see in Nero Digital the iPod. When I try to Recode an .avi movie from “Insert File” it keeps telling me to first select in iTunes: “Manually manage movies and songs”…which I do!

This sounds more like a problem on the iTunes/iPod-side than with Recode.
The message you describe is only shown if iTunes tells Recode that the iPod library is locked when Recode tries to add the files.
If the iPod configuration is correct, that normally should not happen.

You could try encoding the files to a harddisk folder and then manually add them to iTunes (e.g. via drag-and-drop from the explorer).
What kind of iPod are you using, btw.?

And if you have multiple iPods connected to your PC you should disconnect all except the one you want to put the videos on. Recode sometimes misbehaves if you have multiple iPods connected.

I have only 1 iPod connceted. It is the 5th. genert. 60Gb.
I have no problems by drag-and-drop directly! I only wanted to be able to use this tool of Recode, too, to see the quality differance!

That’s strange…
I have no problems transferring videos to a 5G iPod with Recode .
I am using the latest iTunes 7.

I have iTunes 7, too.
I believe somewhere back iTunes keeps Updating some directories in my iPod (mainly Podcasts) and despite “Manually manage movies and songs” IS selected, it sees iPod as if “Automatic Update” is selected!

My iPod no longer uses Fireware, instead it uses USB2.0 Is that an issue?
Besides, other than the iPos SUMMARY page, is there anywhere else in iTunes an option to UNCHECK Automatic Updates/SYNC???

USB 2.0 is no issue, as all iPods with video capability use USB 2.0 .
Thus Firewire iPods are not supported by Recode at all.

Syncing options can also be found in the “Music”, “Movies”, “TV Shows”, “Podcasts”, “Contacts” and “Games” tab.

I did not manage to make podcast syncing interfere with Recode. But could you please try to disable any syncing and see if it helps?