Cannot Reauthor Home Dvd

Hi everyone…i am forced to ask as I have no idea. I have a wedding that was put to DVD. It looks like it was copied using dvdxcopy as the warning etc comes up. I wanted to make another copy and re edit for family. I use tmpgen author and when I go to add files the vobs are not there. The system is not reading or recognising the files. I have tried dvdshrink to shrink and hopefully get rid of the protection (if any) and also have running AnyDVD. Can anyone tell me what programme to use to take off this protection. From my research I THINK it may be watermark, embedded bit flag. I have never used dvdxcopy, and the disk has a file author.txt (or something like that, I havent got the disc int he drive, but from surfing it looks like a common thing with dvd xcopy)…If anyone can help, would be much appreciated…Thanks :slight_smile:

zoannon,there is an app called PGCedit that does the trick.I had the problem about a month ago and it works great.Be careful though,follow the instructions carefully or you’ll be puttin that video back on your HD over and over if you don’t follow the instructions.It does work though.Here’s the location of the app and it also has instructions for using it.Be careful and good luck.