Cannot read WinXP CD on new DVD Drive

I have just changed my CD-ROM drive to a LG GDR8161B DVD-ROM Drive. Everything was going fine, until I needed to read some files from Windows XP Professional CD-ROM that I burned. This CD was always readable from my previous CD-ROM Drive(I installed WinXP from it). My CDRW drive can also recognize the CD with no problems, only the DVD drive cannot recognize it.
The same problem happens with Win2000 installation CD.
If I leave one of these CDs in the DVD drive, my computer cannot even boot from them.
Does anyone have already seen a such kind of problem ?


Did you try your original (factory pressed) Win2k/XP install discs?

In fact I do not have the original one anymore.
One thing that I tried was to copy the burned CD to my hard drive and then burn another CD to a RW disc just to test what happens. The new CD was read sucessfully by both drives, but I could not boot from this other CD I just created. So, my guess is that the boot sector was not copied. Also this leads me to think that, the problem is with new DVD-ROM drive is not being able to read bootable CD-ROM disks. Does this make sense ?


this is borderline - as you confess to not owning the originals…but the “boot sector not being copied” got this thread sent here.