Cannot read Video CD(recorded from my PC) from DVDplayer

Hi Guys,

I think I can use some help from you here.

I recorded a Video CD(.AVI) in Windows XP(I didnt use a burning software) but could not play it in DVD player.
CDs with pictures recorded (from my PC) were able to read from DVD player.
but not the videos.

DVD player was able to read other Video CDs(.AVI)(not recorded from my PC). Means It cant be a problem in the DVD player.

Note :I tried “Nero” also to recrod stuff to CD but after burning there was nothing on the CD-R ( I have a CD_RW combo drive)

Please can anyone help me ?


[B]Can anyone please help me on this.[/B]

Oops seems like nobody knows…

O.K. A video cd (VCD) is mpg1, not avi. Not all avi are equal. If your stand alone player supports DivX (which is one type of avi) then maybe the file you have is not a Divx file. Check the specs on your player to see what it supports. Most will play VCD (mpg1) and some play Divx. As for burning the files to CD I suggest Imgburn, Pictures are usually jpeg which your player obviously supports.