Cannot read media



I hope I asked the right question.

The situation:

My Pioneer DVR-111D (upgraded to TDB 111L fw 8.29) cannot read the data on Fujifilm DVD+R DL. To the optical drive, the media is blank!

According to DVD Identifier the media is as follow:


The thinking:

My limited knowledge suggests an incompatible issue stems from the data and/or the optical drive. The disk was written a couple years back, and because it belongs to my uncle, I don’t know what program and optical drive were used. However, I can see the data ring on the back of the media. I have used another DL optical drive to read the media, but it too was unable.

The question:

Have I given enough info for you to make a educated guess?
If not, what else do you need to know?
If yes, what is your guess and solution to this problem?

Many thanks.


If the disc is not readable in multiple PC’s (drives), then the issue is likely the disc. It could be that the disc isn’t finalized, was burned in packet writing mode, a bad burn, or the media has simply failed.


Ritek is not the best, but if the disc is data, not video, it is possible that it was created with packet writing software.
In that case IsoBuster should do the trick.


Try recovering the data on other drives, then burn the data on Verbatim DL.