Cannot read dvd+rw anymore after installing plextools and instant cd/dvd

Hi all,

I made a clean install of my windows and I bought a new burner (plextor px-750a) so that means I need to install burning software now. I installed plextools professional that came with the drive and also pinnacle direct cd/dvd. Now I can’t access/open my dvd+rw anymore in explorer :a . I could access them before installing the software.

I uninstalled plextools professional and now I can access the dvd+rw again. What kind of crap is this? Is that why they give it free on a cd, because it doesn’t work?

I am used to nero 6 so this plexthing-shit is new to me. Do you recommend plextools software or is nero better? Are you all nero freaks or do you swear by plextools? I have no clue at all anymore. I’m lost. Braindead. Overload.


Do you still have the Nero installed? If so, there is a possibility that there is a conflict with Plextools. I no longer use either Nero or Roxio/Sonic products because of this type of issue. I have found Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 to work with every drive I have. I don’t think that Plextor is dumb enough to supply something that has not been tested-they do have a great reputation overall.

I uninstalled Nero when I got my pc back from the computer store after they put in a new hard drive with a clean xp and a burner with a limited nero program. Since half of the options in their older version of nero weren’t available, I uninstalled it and went for plextools and directCD/DVD out of curiosity. Since my drive then couldn’t read my dvd+rw anymore after installing plextor software I uninstalled everything, after which my burner could read everything again. Now I installed Nero 7 with InCD included and again, I cant read my dvd+rw that I created with InCD of a previous nero 6 version. Grrrrrrrrrr!!
They can shoot people to the moon and back on an automated program but they can’t get pc software to work???%!?

Is this normal that when I have a dvd+rw that is created with InCD from nero 6 that I cannot read this disc anymore once I have InCD 5 with nero 7? All my backups are on this f***ing disc! That’s 3 years work that’s on it!