Cannot Read DVD on PC

Hi All,
First post so not sure if this is the correct forum.

I actually am tryinng to back up all my SW and thought that instead of creating 5 cd’s lets create one DVD with all the SW. BUT when I burn it on ‘PC A’ and then try to see the data from ‘PC B’ DVD player / burner I cant see anything. Any idea why?
From old days I remember that there was such a thing as ‘closing the session’ on CD-R’s but am not sure if they have the same thing for DVD.
BTW I am using Nero 7.xx to burn and have a Lite-ON dvd writer which supports both + / - formats.

Thaks for any help comments


I recommend using Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost if you want a backup.
And, I wouldn’t back up on anything other than Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim DVD’s.