Cannot read data from backed up cd

hi everyone,

i’m new to this forum… i am having this problem reading the data i backedup on a cd created by easy cd creator.

i had backed it up and then wiped the drive and reinstalled my OS. Now i want to get back my data and put the cd in the drive and nothing… this is where the cold sweat started I do not recall if i had clicked on finalize when i was burning the backup but now i don’t have the ez creator software with me. When i go to properties on the cd drive i could see there’s a volume there which i’m assuming contains my data. I am running winXP pro and i installed nero burning rom to see if it would let me read the volume… to no avail… i still cannot read the data. i’m tryin to get access to a copy of ez creator but was wondering if there’s anything i’m missing that i could do before i gotta wait… plus i don’t even know if ez creator will help me
as far as i know, the data was burnt as DATA 2 mode. i’m thinking its a multisessioned disk rite now… is there any tool out there that would let me read that volume on the disk…

all help and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

cold sweating chineseroots:confused:

Mmmm never done this myself but nero should access the data on the drive make sure its in your burner whilst trying to read the drive. Is it a cd-r or cd-rw burnt with ezcd creator or did you use the InCD part also known as packet writting (treats your cd like a hard drive) if that is the case then InCD for nero will be required you can download it from nero website.

yea the cd is in the cdr. it’s a regular 700MB blank cd. well it was until i backed up my data on it… now it has 32MB space. When i put it in the drive and windows reads it, it says 32MB free space so that jus proves that the data i backed up is still there… jus in another volume. its how to access it that’s the problem.
… oh by the way it’s not my system i was doing over. it’s a family’s friend’s and well its their data so i’m kinda in a jam here :confused:
to answer your question i did not use the inCD part with ezcd creator. but maybe that’s worth a shot.
i jus used the regular part of the program to select some files and put it in the ‘to burn’ windows or whatever it is… i’m kicking myself for not installing nero in their system to back up :sad:
i had a similar problem a long time ago with nero but i was able to select the different volumes on the cd to be displayed when i click on it. don’t know what’s keeping that from happening here

Try finalising the CD-r. The best way in nero would be to select new cd rom iso select the finalise cd and burn. this should force the cd-r to close. But (there’s always one of those) I have never used ezcd creator so it might be best to do it with that software, see if you can download a trail version just so you can get that damn data off and save your arse, don’t worry I’ve been here before to. Let us know how you get on.

What type of CD drive are you playing from

Try a free trial of CD Data Rescue.

If that doesn’t help, try and make an image of the disk.

While I agree with all of the above…I agree most likely, the session was finalized…but the disk was not…This is a default in EZCD5.

Finalizing the disk may help this. One shortcut you can try…while the disk is spinning up in the dive…hold down both control and Shift…this can sometimes open the disk on problem drives long enough for you to grag you data onto the hdd…:slight_smile:

Good luck and let us know how it goes…:slight_smile: