Cannot read copied CDS. -R or -RW. Only originals

Hi Friends,

U know what I’m talking about. This is an old laptop with a cdrom drive that does not read any copied CDs. not even on rewritables. Only original.

Anyone know of the any issues that I can look at to make it start reading some copied CDs.

Thanks in advance … will be greately appreciated.

Thanks in Advance as always.

I believe there is something I can do in the BIOS to change the device # or something, not quite sure of the complete issue.

I found some info that says “it depends how the -r CD was created”. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Please help!


Moved it down here… seems to be better place than in the Living room, isn’t it :wink:

try a firmware update if available

try use cyanine cds , “phtalo” are less compatible than cyanine in older players.