Cannot read burned DVD on same DVD writer

I have recently installed a sony DVD writer aw-q170a.
Now using Cheetah DVD burning software I burned some mpeg,photots,etc on a blank DVD-R disc. AFter buring was over I tried to read the data, but writer is not reading the DVD. I took the DVD to my Sansui DVD player and it was running fine, it played the mpegs and photos.

Then I burned a blank CD. After burning, the DVD writer is reading the CD without any problem.

The DVD writer is playing my DVD movies also and burning CDs and reading them.

But it not reading the DVDs written by it.

What may be the problem.
I am using Pentium III 800. XP.


Sounds like an software issue or issue with ide drivers.

Burn it using verification/verify, so you will see if the drive can read the burnt content or not.

Sounds similar to problems afflicting many NEC drives. For more on this see