Cannot read burned data

I appriciate your time and feedback. Please advise how to access burned data from CD-R. I used Ahead Nero v5 to burn 698MB of data onto a 700MB CD-R, and the PC’s HD has been reformatted while installing XP. Now I cannot access the data. Thank you very much.


It’s hard to be wise after the fact, but there’s two golden rules to follow with important data.

Firstly, never burn irreplaceable data to just one disc. At minimum you should make two copies. Ideally make more than two copies - preferably using different disc batches (or even different disc manufacturers) for some of the copies. If you’ve got multiple drives that will write that type of media (such as a CD-RW and a DVD writer), use different drives for some copies if you can.

Secondly, always check that important discs are readable after you’ve written them - ideally in at least one different drive to those you wrote them in, and possibly on another computer entirely.

For now, probably your best bet is to download and try Isobuster.


Look also here and here

Thank you for your advise! It WORKS!!! thank you thank you thank you :). You just dont know what this means to our family. many thanks. the data saved was my dad’s… when you have time you can visit his site at