Cannot re-install Windows



I have a program called Tweaking.Com, it has an option to run Chkdsk at boot. Last time I

rebooted the program got to 10% than stopped, tried rebooting several times and no change.

Tryed to reset to factory by using my Win 7 disk(I used this disk on this computer several

times in the past as the F9 key does not reset to factory), When the disk is finished the

installation I get an error message, "Computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an

unexpected error. To install windows click OK and restart". This just keeps repeating , will

not install. Any help greatly appreciated.


Have you tried letting the recovery console “Repair” ?

or booting into Safe mode ?

If you can’t get boot your computer into Windows 7 as a last resort .
Try using the recovery consoles Command window.
Delete Tweaking.Com from your Program Files.
If this won’t delete it try a Linux bootable CD to delete it.


Sounds like you have a bad hard drive instead…