Cannot process WAV files

I have some wav files from a public county hearing reagarding a land use dispute. The county uses a company called fortherecord ( to process the recorded public hearings and for some reason I cannot process the WAV files that they gave me
I would like to rip the disk and make copies for my neighbors. It is not copyrighted material, it is public information, but the county is stupidly secret with these files and of course is of no help to me in processing anything.
The failes say they areWAV, yetI cannot open the in Winamp; I cannot process through CDex; cannot do anyhting in Itunes and I cannot open the wav files in Soundforge, whcih gives me a error saying that there are 4 channels.
I can listen through the proprietary software from and for some reason through Windows Media Player. But that’s as far as I can take it.

a quick look shows that it has a bitrate of 96
audio sample size of 16bit
channels says 4
audio saple rate of 22Khz

I just want to make these into MP3s so I can share them with me neighbors and listin in my car. Any suggestions?

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Can you burn them to a CD with WMP and then try to read them with your other programs? :confused:

I’ll try that in the morning, but Winamp wouldn’t play them, so I don’t think it’ll burn them…but I’ll try/
thanks for the suggestion.

Drop them on GSpot. If the files aren’t corrupt that should tell you what codec you need. It’s not just for video anymore.

I am new to this program, but it says that the codec is unknown
Also this:
22050Hz 96 kb/s tot (4 chnls)

I’m not sure if this is helpful, but try to use this application:
It allows to add a new header to a PCM file. Then you’ll probably be able to process your files…

Ricobico wrote"I can listen through the proprietary software from and for some reason through Windows Media Player."

If you can listen with WMP, then you can record with Audacity or Goldwave…and save to new WAV or MP3…