Cannot play Region3 DVD9 movies on PC

I purchased a couple of Disney cartoon movies from a swap meet for US$5 each. They are made in Hong Kong, Region 3, DVD-9s. I have an Lite On LDW 851S DVD drive on my Windows XP PC. The drive cannot read those DVDs - it treats them as blank CDs. My TV-top Zenith DVD player can play one of them but has difficulty playing the other - it kind of plays one third of the movie and then sort of stops. What are the problems? I know Region 3 is not for the US. But how come my Zenith DVD player can play one of them? I have DVD43Free installed on my PC but it does not appear to help at all. I also have PowerDVD XP installed though I have no idea which version it is. Thank you.

I managed to show the contents of one of the Disney DVDs and then clicked the VOB files one by one to play it. That trick worked for the first 2 VOB files but not the rest.

Download DVD Decrypter, rip it, play it w/ PowerDVD or whatever.