Cannot play ratDVD file

compressed mystic river, main movie only @ defaults 95% etc. 4hrs 10mins

5.97GB > 905MB ratDVD file

will not play in following although i have downloaded ALL filters, codecs navigation thingos etc…YOU COULD describe where these files should be placed !!! itz not as if everyone is gonna know where to place them…in the recycle bin perhaps ?

WMP 10
Media Player Classic
Real PLayer
Quicktime Player

If WMP doesn’t work…something screwed up somewhere.

same by me, also WMP10

What is your configuration? What movies did you use? What exactly does not work?

I had use the Moopeg player to see a ratDVD file :slight_smile:

Yep, that was a great tip ! With Moopeg player I was capable to watch my encoded .ratDVD file, WOW !! :slight_smile:

THX, mate ! :bow:

PS: For another that wanna to try Moopeg player, here is the link for website:

Moopeg will not play the movies for me! in WMP10 the only way i can start a film off is to job the prgress bar forwards a bit. no progress bar in Moopeg, so the movie doesn’t start!