Cannot play PC burned +RW disc in stand alone player

Hi - Newbie here with my first forum post and question.

I burned a Maxell 4x +RW DVD last night using Nero Ultra but the disc will not play in a new Panasonic DMR-ES35V multi format player/recorder. The machine says “Disk not formatted properly.” Verbatim 16x DVD-R discs i’ve burned with NERO Ultra DO play in this unit and the unit itself will record on the same Maxell 4x RW discs with no problem. I thought maybe the +RW disc needed to be finalized but could not find a finalize option in NERO.

After some research I found +RW doesnt need to be finalized and unless I read something wrong…cannot be. This is probably why the FINALIZE checkbox does not appear when using RW discs in NERO.

Am I to understand that this Panasonic machine simply wont play RW discs burned on a PC (or with Nero)? OR am I mising something? Did I read incorrectly or is there in fact no way to finalize a +RW after burning? If there is a way…what software can do this after a disc has been burned?

Thanks in advance.

Did you bitset?

If your stand alone DVD player plays only DVD-R &-RW then by not setting DVD+ R/+RW during recording to Book Type “DVD-ROM” you will hae prolem playing such discs in your sstand alone most likely.

Not sure what bitset is? I simply added an mpg1 file to the Nero project and burned the +RW disc with no issues. Plays the resulting DVD movie fine in the PC using VLC media player.

The standalone Panasonic plays all formats +/- R/RW VCD SVCD MP3 RAM
and records to +/- R/RW and RAM. It will not play the +RW Nero burned disc however and says disc not formatted properly. Cannot play. Do you wish to format? Which of course…would erase it.

Its not the media either. I used another +RW disc from the same cake box to record some tv using the Panasonic the other day and it worked fine. Does this mean the machine won’t play +RW discs burned on a PC or does it have to do with NERO…or some other issue?

Any other ideas?