Cannot play .MPG

Hi all,

Have a .rar archive with 4 folders in it - EXT, SEGMENT, SVCD, MPG2. The SEGMENT folder is empty, EXT has one SCANDATA.DAT file in it; SVCD has 5 .SVD files with different names and one SEARCH.DAT file; the MPG2 folder has an MPG file. When trying to play the MPG file (in any player WMP, Winamp, DivX) it playes for 2 seconds then freezes (crashes) the player.

Anyone? any ideas? All comments will be greatly appreciated.



You’d need to use a DVD player such as PowerDVD or WinDVD to play that file, since it’s an MPG2 in SVCD format.

Best bet? UnRAR it, then burn the resultant folders to a CD. That CD will play in your DVD player.

Indeed! PowerDVD played it no problem. I didi have an idea to try it, but I figured if it doesnt play in a media player you know … besides I was under impression that .VOB files are DVD files. I was utterly and absolutely confused :slight_smile:

Thanks Gurm!

.VOB files ARE indeed DVD files. What you have is not a DVD but an SVCD. Quite different.