Cannot play dvds burned with Shw-160p6s04c

Hello everyone ,

I’m a newbie to this forum ,however, I have searched extensivly prior to posting-

I have a Liteon Shw-160p6s04c dual layer dvd ± RW and I cannot play the movies I burned with this burner.

I’ve tried burning with nero/dvdshrink/dvdecrypter/anydvd/dvdclone/ripit4me

I know that my DVD player is a few years old its an ONKYO 5 disc, however, when I burn dvd’s using my brothers PC, it has an NEC DVD±ND-3530A, they play perfectly without a hitch-

I tried even tried to disable the region by using lntrpc- but still no dice-

the machines run XPpro sp2
and the media I use is Sony DVD+R Ver 1.2/ 1x-8x

Thanks in advance

Hello & welcome, [B]jj03[/B]

Are the discs you burned Bitset/Booktyped to DVD-ROM? Check this in Nero CD DVD Speed under the Disc Info tab. If not, get the LiteOn BitSetting Utility from, put a blank DVD+R in your drive and select “Change Booktype to” DVD-ROM + tick “Save setting” + click the “Change” button. A confirmation will appear and your future DVD+R burns should now play in your older standalone.

I am now haveing the same problem with my parents drive. It worked great when they first got it and now after useing it for about 5 months they are now haveing problems playing backed up copyed of all there old clasic dvd movies. My dad loves Clint Eastwood and has collected almost every dvd and when I bought them there first DVD burner he spent almost his hole weekend backing them all-up.

But now they are haveing the same problem you are haveing with yours. You guys are both useing the same DVD burner from Lite-On