Cannot play DVD43Free-cloned DVD movies

I used DVD43Free to copy two DVD movies:
Movie 1: I was able to play it without problem on Friend A’s TV-top DVD player. But on Friend B’s and my TV-top DVD players, it plays up to a certain point and then sort of gets stuck. On my Win XP/PowerDVD PC, I was able to click the VOB files one by one to play it, up to the first couple VOB files.
Movie 2: I was not able to play it on my TV-top DVD player and was able to play only the first couple VOB files on my PC.
Are some DVD players (such as Friend A’s) more tolerant/powerful than others (such as Friend B’s and mine)?
Some suggest DVD Decrypter. Is it better than DVD43Free? Thanks.

I used to have the same problem and dicovered that it was cheep medi i was useing nothing more try a better blank you never know your luck

Can anyone suggest good media? I am using KHypermedia DVD+R 1X-2.4X 4.7GB.