Cannot play dvd "little fish" after backup. Help please!

I was able to successfully complete the backup of “Little Fish” but when I try to play it with PowerDVD or on my home dvd player it just keeps loading and locks everything up. I used AnyDVD in the backround and ripped with dvd shrink then I used dvd decrypter to write to dvd. Everything went smooth as far as I can tell but it just wont play. Im pretty new to dvd backups so any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

What brand of media are you using?

Memorex dvd+R
Ripped and burned 2 seperate times incase it was just a bad disk, burn, or rip. Both times still does not play.

Memorex can be at least 5 different manufactureres. If you have nero cdspeed, or dvdinfopro, I need the media code. Have you tried a better brand of media (verbatim or Taiyo Yuden).

No I havent tried a better brand yet. I just got my burner last week and ran to target to buy some media. I had no problem backing up Hostile, King Kong, Fun with dick and jane, hichikers guide to the galaxy, and Aeon Flux. Im just thinking maybe a setting needs to be changed. I will be ordering some Verbatim media soon since I here those work really well.

Im at work right now so I cant get the media code untill I get home but ill try to get that.