Cannot play DVD after installing firmware

Hello everyone
i’m having trouble with my dvd burner (LiteOn SOHW-1693S)
before i installed the firmware that i downloaded from this website i could burn dvds and play the dvds on my dvd player
however after i’ve installed the firmware (KC4B - patched - improved +/-R burn quality) i could burn and play successfully several dvds on my computer and dvd player. Then when i put a blank dvd into my dvd drive, it turned into a cd drive, and when i tried to open it, it said “please insert a blank dvd” or the drive is not accessible (incorrect function). After burning successfully using nero (i also tried with the tsumani mpeg dvd author pro dvd writing tool), the dvd cannot be played on the computer nor my dvd player
i then installed the other firmware (KS0B - stock) but still have the same problem
i tried to contact the techical support team of liteon but the guy said because i have downloaded unoffcial firmware, so the warranty is void !!!

now i don’t know what to do
so please help me
thanks in advance
regards !!!

p.s. i also tried to uninstall and roll back drive but still couldn’t help !!!

Download the Eprom tool and reset the learned media and see if that helps any.

can you go into more details please?
i’m a newbie so i don’t know alot about these things
and where can i download that Eprom tool? (if link given would be appreciated very much)
regards !!

Reading the FAQ is a must…

that still couldn’t help
please tell me another option

this is the drive without disc

drive with disc inside (turned into cd-drive ???)

error when tried to open the drive

Sounds like it may be a bad flash to your drive. The only other thing I can think of is to boot into safe mode, then reflash your drive with the stock firmware (KS0B). It may help or it may not. Also, which firmware did you have before you flashed with KC4B?