Cannot play back Avidemux MP4 files

I used Handbrake to convert a DVD-RW to an MP4 file. All was well except there were a few frames at the beginning and the end that I want to edit out.

I was able to do this using Avidemux and saved the resultant file to a new MP4 file.

However, I tried playing the file in both Cyberlink Power DVD 12, Windows Media Player and the Windows 8 video player. In all 3 cases, I get audio only - no video. When I play it back in Avidemux, the video is fine.

Maybe I missed an option in the program somewhere - I selected my A&B markers and clicked on Save, renamed the file and saved it.

The original Handbrake file played back without a problem in all 3 media players.

Are you using the latest version of AviDemux (2.6), or the older one, 2.5?

You set A and B markers, then go to Edit then Cut…or just use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl X. Its always best to cut on I frames. Using 2.6, you can advance by keyframes (I frames) by clicking on the >> button once you have opened your file.

When you cut and want the same output format, you leave the Video and Audio output on Copy. You need to set the Output format to MP4 Mixer and when you make a name for the output file you have to make it with an .mp4 extension.

I just did a test and it works perfectly in VLC for playback.

One note on VLC player. It plays almost all files & is forgiving to problems .
I recently had this happen on some DVD’s .I was testing some split DVDs.
VLC did fine with most of them. My standalone didn’t .MPC-HC didn’t either.
Once MPC-HC played them OK so did my standalone.
So in some cases VLC is too good .

Found a program - Freemake Video Converter which did the job just fine. Even allowed me to try file before converting from the DVD, therefore saving me the task of using two programs - 1 to create the mp4 file, and one to edit the resultant file.

Am able to play the mp4 file in both PowerDVD 12 and Windows 8 video player.

Freemake Video Converter gets a fair number of positive endorsements over at videohelp, so you are probably set.

Personally, I haven’t tried it, and I usually have excellent results using AviDemux, as long as I don’t use it for mpeg2. But even there, this newest version seems to be better, and the one test I’ve done cutting mpeg2 turned out well.

The mp4 file I cut just for testing purposes plays in everything…no issues.