Cannot ping my server



I have just installed SQL 2005 Express ed. on Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 trial edition. I have created an IP Range scope and i am now trying to ping it from a client. I cannot ping the server from my client machine. The server can ping the client but the opposite is not working. Please help.


By default, Windows Firewall for WIndows Server 2008 is configured to disallow File and Printer Sharing on the network. By default Windows Server 2008 firewall is configured with Windows Firewall running, and with File and Printer Sharing disabled. This blocks ICMP Echo Request packets used by the PING command. You can allow the server to respond to ping requests by doing the following:

1.Turn off Windows Firewall on the Windows 2008 Server (not recommended)- OR -
2.Enable the File and Printer Sharing option in Windows Firewall Configuration Settings
1.Start > Control Panel > Network and Intranet
2.Under the Windows Firewall section heading, Click the Allow a program through Windows Firewall link
3.In the programs and ports list, check the File and Printer Sharing option


That was very helpful. Thanks a bunch.