Cannot perfom end session on sony dru 710a...complicated please read

ok My Sony/liteon drive still burns dvd’s just fine, this problem only occurs with cd’s for some reason. it burns until it gets to 100%, the drive hangs and blinks green, it eventually says “burn process failed” but the drive is still hung, I have to turn the computer off and restart to get the disc out. Heres the odd part, the disc WORKS it plays in everything I put it in. As stated before dvd’s burn just fine. I did over burn ONE cd to 80:36 I needed to make a comp that had to be that long this was the first time the hanging problem happend, ever since then it happens even when not over burning. I use the latest update fron nero of the “sony” version that came with the drive, I upgraded the firmware once to BYX2 although the problem didint start till weeks after that, so I dont think that has anything to do with it, did I ruin my drive? oh yeah I did try another brand of cdr and the same thing happened…any ideas? I have enclosed the nero failed burn log.

there already is a thread about this problem. it’s not sure why this problem appears. to not damage your drive, you should immediately turn off/reset yoiur pc after drive has hung. this problem only appears with nero burning rom. to avoid it, you should flash your drive to the newest firmware (1653S CS0M), use nero v6.3.x or always the newest and enable short-leadout in the options.

it didn’t happen to me for 1 month now…