Cannot open Wise Installation for BlazeMedia Pro

I downloaded the demo version of Blaze Media Pro. It was 12MB, but when I double-click the installation program, a little window opens (see below) and closes. It only stays open for no more than a second. The program packaging is from Wise Solutions. I am running Windows 98SE, and have installed this product before (4 months ago approx.), so I know it isn’t a corrupt file, since I also have the previous installation file.

Does Wise Solutions need a .DLL, or something else on your computer, because that could possibly have been deleted.

I really enjoyed this program, but did not use all of the 15-day trial period, and would like to just use the rest of the trial and possibly buy it. Here is the picture of what pops up for a second:

It isn’t completing the install because you have already had the app on your machine for 4 months.

But it would still install, but just not run. And plus, what if I wanted to buy the registration code - I still can’t install the program.
Is there like a runtime pack for Wise Installation Wizard? Because I used another recently reformatted computer, to open the same file (over the network) and it opened but I had to download some runtime files for it. Where can I get these files from? I can’t find it at the homepage…but my mum always said that I’m a lazy looker:D

I fixed the problem. I think that it was NAV (Norton Antivirus) I disabled it and it opened:D

Thanks for your replies though:D:D:bow:

a lot of software requires antivirus be disabled before install.