Cannot open *.ifo file



I’m running DVDFab 5 Platinum. I keep it updated. For over a year I had no problem with it. I burned DVD5 and DVD9 great. Now I cannot burn to a double layer disc. I typically save the iso file to the HD and burn later. Each time I try to burn a file larger than 4.7gb to a double layer disc I get an error “Cannot open *.ifo file”

I can still burn the same file in DVD5 format to a single layer disc however.

I have contacted support and they told me it might be my burner getting old or bad/incompatible media types. Well I am using a new Plextor burner and have tried two different DL discs (RiData and Verbatim) multiple times with the same result. Either it gives me the error or just hangs.

I did notice today in my add/remove programs section that I have multiple versions of DVD Fab/Decrypter. I’m thinking of uninstalling them all and reinstalling the most current one.

It seems this should be simple, but I could use a nudge in the right direction.
Any ideas?


crazy - I am having this exact problem, using Plextor 755sa sata burner, latest dvdfab, trying to backup and burn Backyardigans kids dvd to a dual layer disc…

says it cannot open the IFO file - trying to clone the disc.


as an update, burning the same disc in full disc mode instead of clone worked… so why wont clone work?


I’m using an 800 series Plextor burner. Just installed today in fact. I would rather not have to burn my DL discs with another program. One of the reasons I used to love DVDFab was it’s all encompassing features (all I ever needed and then some). I know there has to be an answer for this out there.



Could you please post a screen shot for the error?


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I’m using the “Write Data” function to burn a disc. My source is my HD and my target is my burner [Plextor DVDR PX-800A 1.00 (lde)]. The error message reads as follows:

“Cannot open file D:\ISO*****.isoVTS_01_0.IFO”


Anybody help here?


You still need to post screen shot of your error like fengtao asked of you. But have you tried using ImgBurn to burn to DL disc. DVDFAB has an option in common settings write. You have a choice of 3 burn engines but you need to have them on your computer. Nero, ImgBurn you need to install and the VSO that comes with dvdfab. Try burning DL disc using ImgBurn it is an excellent burn engine and almost all cdfreaks will recomend it