Cannot open external hard drive



I am trying to recover data on my old PC Hard Drive. I bough an adapter to connect it to my notebook. Here is my problem. When I connected it, my notebook said it was installing the driver for the HD. However I cannot access it. I am new to Vista, so perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. Under hardware the Hard Drive is listed, but there seems to be no way to access it. I have another external HD, and I can access it with no problems. Anybody have any idea why I can’t access the data on this drive?:sad:



you might need to initialize (create and format partitions) the HDD at first with “Disc Management”. Please check Windows Help for further details, since I don’t own Vista myself.



Thanks, I will check into that. It said something about “this will erase any information on the disk”, so I am a bit afraid to try that. I am trying to retrieve information, not use the disk.