Cannot open dvd2 one trial

Need some help… I have downloaded the trial ver of dvd2 one
but when I try to install it the following message appear:
Protection error!, Debugger detected. Please close it down and
restart! Windows NT users: Please note that having the WinIce/SoftIce service installed means that you are running a

I am running XP home edition and Norton Antivirus and Internet
Security…I have disabled both of these. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you tried reading the first sticky at the top of thread page?

I ran into this problem, and in my research, I’ve found a few things. Here is the one I’d suggest to try:

There are known problems causing this message, both resulting from third-party software using debugger-like approaches.

Nero 6 ultra edition - specifically Image Drive can cause this issue

Use the Nero “general clean utility” - available from the Nero website to remove the offending program and then the game works.