Cannot "on the fly" with plextools



Have a strange problem here:

Installed a LITE-ON 16x rom last week.
plextor 716A is set as always as master.[for almost a yr]
LITE-ON as slave.

when I choose the LITE-ON as source and plextor as destination for on the fly back up,
screen comes on, " source drive is not plextor. do u want to continue?
If I click yes, copy screen opens and within 1 second it stops with “error reading drive or close to that…”
wants me to choose plextor716a as source.

Now plex tech said to check to see if 716A was set to master and lite-on rom as slave…
When I replied back that OF COURSE IT WAS,
They sent me this long list to diagnose the machine as it may be faulty…
When I use Nero to make a copy, there is no problem.
Lets me choose F drive-LITE-ON rom as source and so on…
I don’t really think after 250 rips and assorted backups for past year would indicate my 716A has any problem…
I must have something in plextools set wrong maybe.?
I noticed that in the copy cd/dvd screen that on the left side it says,

ID:0 PX-716A
this is also in the source choices…
shouldn’t it show the LITE-ON 16X or IS THAT the rom?

any help appreciated…


that is the liteon, or atleast it should be. Select it and hit the Drive Information Tab and it should say its the Liteon. All drives that arent Plextor will be listed as CD/DVD[ATAPI] except under the Drive Information tab.

btw, nobody uses “on the fly” anymore…lol.


Like I said, I just hooked it up recently for no particular reason…

So what is the reason most don’t “on the fly” anymore?


I assume that 1 advantage of on the fly is less wear/tear on your
valued dvd burner…


well on the fly was so that no time was wasted. You would read and burn at the same time. I remember I had a 12x cd burner that I used to use “on the fly” with. It took like 20 minutes a cd, and was a real pain. But the problem was that there was so many chanced of getting errors. So along came faster burners so it is now easier to just rip something to your hard drive or cache then reburn it because there are less chances of it getting errors.

Plus, the wear anr tear…lol



that all makes sense to me…

btw: what ever problem I had here went away.
plex tools all of a sudden found my LITE-0N rom.

I did a backup copy of Sahara and total time was 11 minutes on the fly…pretty damn quick I thought.
looked like full 16x speed all the way…
think I will use the on the fly for 2nd/3rd generation backups for a while.


Not really since 16X DVD burning would be around 6 minutes burn time. I see that you mention that you have your Lite-On and Plextor on the same IDE channel? When using this set-up with on-the-fly burning it’s impossible to reach high burn speeds without your Plextor using its buffer underrun protection (which would explain the longer burn time). When using two devices on the same channel, and you’re using on-the-fly, both the read and write commands have to be transferred over the same channel and thus your writer often has to wait for data from your reader. You can see this when the Plextor’s LED goes to green (paused) instead of blinking orange (writing). Although this won’t be a problem the advantage of on-the-fly is minimal if not negligible.


I take it then that you would get plextor full speed when NOT using both devices at the same time…

As far as both on the same ide [ribbon],
where else would you put your dvd rom assuming you have 2 hard drives?