"Cannot mount the written CD" - Serious problem


I have an IBM cd burner for 6 months, that started making problems yesterday…

I’m using Nero 5.5, Each time i would burn i would normally burn a few cd’s, but in the last two days I’ve burned 30 cd’s in one day, and 20 cd’s in the next day, and about an hour after i’ve finished these 20 cd’s and wanted to burn a new cd The drive does not
complete the “burn” sequence like always.

Using Nero, it goes through all the successful motions as if it was burning, when the process is complete and the drive is verifying the data I get the
following error messages:

“Cannot mount the written CD”,
“HL-DI-ST CD-RW GCE-8400B (H:1,T:1)”
“Data verification failed”.

In the end I am left with a blank disc. This happens for a number of
different types of CD-R and CD-RW discs…

I searched the computer forums on the net for problems like mine and found a few, without any solution…

please help - thanks

Which version of Nero are you using?
Make sure to update to the latest 5.5 version!

the burner is in my computer in a company i work at, and we are not allowed to insert software into the computers, and the company’s network administartors don’t know the soultion for the problem… so i can’t really install a new nero,

do you really think it would help? it doesn’t make sense since i already burned cd’s successfuly with my current nero…

Hi, I am also facing the exact problem. I am trying to burn MP3 on my Compaq Presario 2190, and after going through the entire burn process, it gives the error message “Cannot mount the written CD”. The CD is blank when I try and open it. I am using Nero Express 5.5, and it used to work pretty well earlier. Is this a software problem or a hardware problem. I tried using some other recording software too, but it still did not burn the CD. I did not find anything on the Nero site, or the Compaq site. Please let me know if you find something

I opened the computer, took the cd burner, plugged it out and then plugged it in again and it got fixed

really weird…

I am using Nero version