Cannot make dual layer movie backups to work correctly

Even tho I have been copying DVD’s for awhile I feel like a newbie when it comes to copying duals. I can never get a duals menuing to work correctly. Singles are no problem. I have used DVD Decrypter and now use DVD Fab and DVD Shrink along with Neo Recode but no use…still the menus don’t work. If you get a cursor…if you get one…then if you choose …say…a feature menu item the main movie will play…not the featurette you chose…as an example. I have used Memorex dual layer burners…a couple NEC’s…of which I have a NEC 3550-A right now and a Benq DW 1655 also but still religated to using duals as a data backup source and not a reliable movie backup source. All thru this I have used only one brand of disc…since I got a deal on Memorex DVD+R DL in 15 pk’s. I have used various brands of single layer media with absolutly fine results Could it be the media? Or is it some protection defeting procedure I am not following?

When you buy memorex, you don’t know who made the media because the contract out to have it made. There MID which tells you who actually made the media, but you need a free utility like Nero CD Speed to read it or I see you have a BneQ drive which comes with Qsuite which will do the same on a BenQ and if you don’t have Qsuite, it can be downloaded from BenQ site. To learn more about media try the following site:

I have had luck using Gold by choosing Image File that creates an ISO on the HD, the choose the ISO as source and Writer as Target. I don’t use many DLs due to price and I dont like all the extras etc. I have burned “Cinderella Man” and “Fun with Dick and Jane” as DLs using the ISO feature of gold. Burnt “Wedding Crashers” with Gold just using the DL feature. Make sure to choose DL and VSO Burning Engine. The MCDB engine has popped up as default at times and choose SAO as writing format.


Thanks for the replay BIGMACNC…below is what CD Speed tells me
Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD+R DL
Book Type : DVD+R DL
Manufacturer: : Ritek
MID : RITEK D01 (001)
Write speeds: : 2.4 X
Blank Capacity : 7.96 GB
: 8152 MB
: 8547993600 bytes
Extended Information
Layers : 2
Layer break : 3.98 GB
Write strategies : n/a
Disc Status : Empty
Raw Data
ADIP Information (11h)
0000 - E1 0F 32 10 00 03 00 00 00 FC FF FF 00 22 D7 FF - …2…"…
0010 - 00 00 00 52 49 54 45 4B 00 00 00 44 30 31 01 40 - …RITEK…D01.@
0020 - 25 25 37 0C 00 28 64 00 28 64 20 1F 0C 0C 14 14 - %%7…(d.(d…
0030 - 02 01 01 20 00 20 1F 0C 0C 14 14 02 01 01 20 00 - …

I assume the “Gold” you refer to is DVDFab Gold…I have been using the “free” version…what do you recomend for purchase Plat or Gold…Looks like gold will do what I want but what if I want to do compressed singles also …will gold do those or will I have to default to my previous software ie Nero Recode Does Plat alow you to choose the choices that you mentioned in your reply such as the engines and such?

Hi abacab234 and welcome.

It’s almost certainly the media. The only DL media recommended here on cdf is Verbatim +R DL (frequently on sale for ~ $2 each. Personally, I’ve used some RICOHJPN D000 with pretty good results (last year), but I would not purchase again or recommend them.
The only problem I’ve ever encountered with Fab has been the layer break issue - very player dependent. On the other hand, dvdd and Img work flawlessly, particularly with the LB.

BTW, I’m burning DLs with a Benq 1655 (Firmware BCBG) and very happy with the results…have also been happy with DL burns with Liteons - 1693s and SHM-165H6S all with verbs.

Hope this helps.

Sorry…was typing as you posted.

In summary,

Express will always compress, unless the file size is smaller than an SL disc or you have enabled DL burning (make sure DL burning remains unchecked if you want to compress).

Gold will never compress and will always split to two SL discs unless the file size is smaller than a SL disc or you have enabled DL burning.

I’d go platinum for the extra ~ $20 or so

Well for one thing…using the link BIGMACNC was kind enough to prove tell me that the “Ritek D01” media is classified as 3rd Rate…which might explain alot…if you think that bad media causes the problems I described ie clicking on anything on sub menu sending you to main movie (happens all the time) or occassionily no cursor…sounds like a devious protection scheme to me LOL

Tough to say for certain…

I’ve used the Ritek D01…they’re crap.

We’ve seen navigation issues such as you describe…ie., copy protection - disc structure problems…but this is “almost” always seen with compression (express) and complete disc mode. Personally, it’s never happened to me with a DL burn and verbs, which I’ve been using for quite a while.

Thanks for your reply Main…I was typing the last reply when you posted as well…does Plat allow you to access all the burning options as BIG Mac mentioned as well? Thanks for the skinny on the media…will look for some sales as I would like to backup my just purchased Pink Floyd Pulse discs with all the audio options and special features intact. BTW worth the purchase price if you are a Floyd fan as I am…but definately want a backup set to preserve the originals

Maine…what do you mean when you mention “verbs”?

Yes, platinum (comprised of gold and express) contains all the options, for fab anyway. I think my post above summed them up. Do you have something else in mind?

Duh…nevermind…disk brand lol

verbs = Verbatim media… :wink:

So, we seem to be typing as the other is posting…
I really suck at typing, what about you?.. :bigsmile:

No nothing else in mind…DVD Fab free version has been fine with me and now am willing to pay for it lol …thanks for your replies Maine


Yes I am so bad that on a long post I copy text before I send just incase the forum logs me off before I send LOL


Yeah, I know the feeling. I’ve learned to be ready on the copy and paste…sometimes I’m bumped off and can’t retrieve my not-quite a post-yet.
I’ve learned the hard way, for sure… :bigsmile:

I use only DvdDecrypter for all my D/L burns. ISO read, ISO write. Never had a bad one yet.

I agree with Tom, if you decide to purchase get the Platinum since it contains both modes. Also, you can use the trial which is full version without limitations for 30 days.

I have never use the free DVDFab Decrypter, but you can use Shrink and/or Fixvts with it and burn ImgBurm all free programs.


This free method has [U]never[/U] let me down: